Wanchain is set to make waves in the cryptocurrency market. Within the first month of listing it has already gone 17.5x from its ICO price and came out during a bear market. Wanchain has become so successful many are asking the question “Where can I buy Wanchain?”

Wanchain is appealing due to its universal cross-chain protocol that functions as a distributed ledger. The distributed ledger records cross-chain and intra-chain transactions. It supports smart contacts as well as privacy protection.


What is Wanchain?

Wanchain desires to build a blockchain infrastructure that can be used to realize the connection and value exchange of different blockchain networks in a decentralized way. Any blockchain network, whether public or private, can access Wanchain to complete the interchain transaction of digital assets at a low cost. Wanchain is not just a generic interchain protocol, but also a distributed ledger that records interchain transactions and in-chain transactions. The Wanchain ledger supports not only the smart contracts but also the privacy protection of smart contract tokens trade. It is a qualitative leap to the Interconnection of thousands of Chains.


How Does Wanchain Work?

Originally forked from Ethereum, Wanchain is a completely separate blockchain. They have their own token (WAN) and it is not an ERC20 token. They offer many functionalities as part of the network including a cross-chain communication protocol, decentralized exchange, Asset Management Tools, and an ICO platform.

Cross-chain Communication Protocol

Wanchain’s cross-chain communication protocol provides a way to transfer data privately between Wanchain and other chains. The protocol has three main functionalities:

  • Registration module: A) Registers the original chain participating in cross-chain transactions and B) register an asset that needs to be transferred; both of which are done using unique IDs
  • Cross-chain transaction data transmission module: When a user initiates a cross-chain transaction request to Wanchain, the network will acknowledge and provide a receipt of the validator node (successful or not). Lastly, the validator node will send the legal transaction to the original chain to complete the transfer-back process.
  • Transaction status query module: provides query functionality confirming the status of asset transfer-in and trasnfer-back transactions. This provides a control function for cross-chain transactions.

Essentially, the cross-chain communication protocol uses the deploys the above functionality to execture cross-chain smart contracts in and out of the Wanchain network.


You can read more about Wanchain in their whitepaper.

How Will Wanchain Change the World?

Wanchain currently offers three application scenarios.

Decentralized Exchange

This will allow digital assets to be exchanged on-chain and transacted using Wanchain’s multi-asset wallet. The DEX will also allow for decentralized exchange applications to be built with protocol tokens.

Asset Management Tools

These tools will minimize exchange counterparty risks and privacy protection for trades and positions.

ICO Platform

After the launch of Wanchain’s mainnet, it quickly announced its first class of ICOs that will launch on the platform through a streamlined process. It will all for the collection of funds easily from multiple assets

How Can You Buy Wanchain?

Currently, the easiest way to buy Wanchain is to find an exchange which supports Wanchain and purchase via that exchange. It can then be transferred to Wanchain’s native wallet to store securely. You can find exchanges which support Wanchain and the process for how to buy Wanchain below.


Here are the steps you need to follow in order to buy Wanchain.

  1. Find an Exchange that supports Wanchain
  2. Decide which currency you want to use to purchase Wanchain (Fiat currency is currently not offered for the exchanges that support Wanchain)
    1. We recommend using Bitcoin to buy Wanchain because it usually has the highest volume offered between trading pairs (this may change over time)
  3. Send Bitcoin to your Exchange Wallet where Wanchain is offered
  4. Buy Wanchain
  5. Optional: Send Wanchain to the Wanchain Wallet. The wallet currently supports Windows, OS, and Linux.


Exchanges Where You Can Buy Wanchain

Buying Wanchain will become easier over time as it is added to new exchanges. Ease of access will also happen once you can buy Wanchain directly with fiat or debit/credit cards as well. The best places to currently buy Wanchain are listed below.


binance logo - buy wanchain


The best way to buy Wanchain is via Binance. Binance is one of the most trusted exchanges on the market and usually sits at the top of the exchange list when it comes to overall daily market volume. Binance currently has $3 Billion in 24-hour volume according to Coinmarketcap.com.

If you don’t currently have an account with Binance you can create one here.


KuCoin logo - buy wanchain


Another way to buy wanchain is on the cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin. It is based in Hong Kong and hosted on Amazon Web Service (AWS). Kucoin is also known as “The People’s Exchange” because they strive to put added focus on people who use the exchange and award them for doing so.

KuCoin has nowhere near the volume that Binance does but it allows for a nice user experience and a friendly alternative in case you don’t have access to Binance or prefer to use a different exchange based on geographical location or other various reasons.

If you don’t currently have an account with KuCoin you can create one here.

We will continue to update this page with alternative options to buy Wanchain as they become available. If you find out about a new exchange listing or a way to buy Wanchain with a debit/credit card please reach out to us at info@CryptoBrigade.com and we’ll try and add it in a timely manner.