Crypto and blockchain efforts are making noise to be potential solutions for struggling countries, governments, and people around the world. Puerto Rico is one potential location that is primed to use these new technologies along with special economic zones.

Some notable individuals are flocking to Puerto Rico to help start this new renaissance. However, it will take several parties and foundations to really start making an immediate difference. The Startup Societies Foundation (SFF) is one of these that is trying to help lead the charge.

The Startup Societies Summit in Washington DC on May 9th and 10th will explore how special economic zones, blockchain tech, and sustainable infrastructure can help Puerto Rico rebuild in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

Special Economic Zones are areas within a host nation that allow for different policies. This has been tremendously successful in producing wealth for cities such as Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Dubai. Rather than having policies implemented on a whole nation-state, they are tried out in small, decentralized areas.

SFF wants to promote the use of decentralized, experimental governance to create the Hong Kong of the Caribbean for the benefit of Puerto Ricans. While blockchain technology and green infrastructure are necessary (hence why they are represented at the summit), they are not sufficient for building a growing economy. To do so, there must be a foundation of effective policies.

The Startup Societies Summit offers the ability to learn from:

  • Policymakers
  • Legal experts
  • Blockchain experts
  • Top Entrepreneurs
  • And high profile business professionals


You will have the opportunity to get the resources and connections you need to make an impact for Puerto Rico. Gain insight and make lasting connections with our speakers including…


Denisse Rodriguez

Director, Colmena66    


Timothy Lewis

Founder DNA Fund


Crystal Rose

CEO & Co-Founder, Sensay


CryptoBrigade will be in attendance and SSF is extending our readers a personal invitation to participate in its Impact Accelerator Day. By participating, you will also receive complimentary admission to the conference as well as direct access to investors.

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